Sunflower Pest Solutions, Inc has acquired Brown Recluse Solutions Pest Control and Consulting!

From Dr. Jamel Sandidge:

When I made the decision to leave the business I also began the search for my replacement. BRS Pest Control and Consulting was not sold to the highest bidder, nor was it ever advertised for sale. I knew of the perfect person to continue the excellence of service and high standards of quality that I have set and approached him and him only about the purchase of Brown Recluse Solutions (BRS) Pest Control. The business has been sold to Tim Dinneen of Sunflower Pest Solutions, Inc. Many of you have already met Tim as I have referred him many times over the years to handle many wildlife and pest management issues that were beyond my skills, equipment or expertise. I have know and worked with Tim for years and know that he has the skills, ethics, and desire that it takes to continue what I have begun. He has proven to he honest, reliable, and dependable to me over the years and will prove the same to you. After publishing my book, Tim was the first to make a purchase, read and ask questions. After I began selling the invention that you all have seen me use in your homes (The DustROD) Tim was the first to make a purchase. Over the years we have shared many conversations about brown recluse spiders, wildlife and many other pests. We have often shared our thoughts and I have shared my secrets. Because of these many encounters, meetings and conversations, Tim was the only replacement that I considered. Every doctor has another doctor that they see when they themselves have a problem. Tim has been the equivalent of my doctor and my friend and now is the second most educated person on brown recluse spider management in the area.

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